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Urban Worldjazz on 19 Strings | Berlin . Zurich | The 19 Strings tour!
Hans Hartmann (Switzerland) chapman stick |
Andreas Brunn (Germany) 7 string acoustic guitar

Here you can see a video of one of our duo´sHARTMANN & BRUNN last concerts.

Many thanks to Iven Hausmann of Jazz Units and Ulf Drechsel of RBB.

Hans Hartmann is very ill and unfortunately he can´t play the chapmanstick any further.

HARTMANN & BRUNN are this year’s winner of the Studiopreis Jazz, awarded by Berliner Kultursenat. Their new CD “19 Strings” has just been released by LAIKA Records.


The Chapmanstick of the Berlin-based Swiss virtuoso Hans Hartmann sounds like two instruments. So you hear the sound of a trio played by two musicians! Hans Hartmann has worked with the likes of Udo Lindenberg, Hannes Wader, Lydie Auvray, Chet Baker, Philly Joe Jones and Attila Zoller, and has the ability to create immense variety and colour with his music, often combining a melody with a funky bassline or a tight harmonic cluster with a bowed drone.

The inimitable sound of the twelve-string Chapmanstick is created by tapping with both hands. This gives Hans Hartmann the opportunity to play two lines simultaneously on a single stringed instrument, comparable to a pianist’s system. But he also amazes with a multitude of sound possibilities, placing a sustained melody over a funky bass or tight harmonic clusters to a drone bowed simultaneously with the bow.

Andreas Brunn, who knows how to combine jazz styles with the odd meters of the Balkans as well as finger and plectrum techniques, enriches the arrangements with percussion on the body of his seven-stringed instrument.

Andreas Brunn won first prize in a guitar composition competition organized by the German trade magazine AKUSTIK Gitarre. The duo has performed at the international guitar festival “OPEN STRINGS” in Osnabrück and JAZZIT in Munich.


HANS HARTMANN – Swiss… living in Berlin. Can only be grasped biographically with a Reclam guide of – European – oriental music. His career began in Switzerland with the award for best amateur jazz bass player in 1967. Later he played the double bass in bands of various American musicians during their European tours with Chet Baker, Philly Joe Jones and Attila Zoller, among others.

He was also a long-time member of the groups of Hannes Wader, Lydie Auvray and Jesse Ballard (Paradise Island Band) as well as the Häns`che Weiss Ensemble. Hans Hartmann was the electric bass player in the legendary band Guru Guru.
He has been playing Chapmanstick since 1980 and founded the band STICKSTOFF in 1983, with whom he released a CD of the same name and the LP “Swindia”. In 1994 he met Andreas Brunn during an engagement for a theater and the idea of a multi-stringed duo project was born, which has since been expanded in many ways.

ANDREAS BRUNN – born in 1964 in Weimar, has been playing the clarinet since he was six, began to learn the guitar at the age of fourteen and has been a musician in bands of various styles ever since. He studied guitar and music theory at the “Franz Liszt” University of Music in Weimar.

His composition “Two Faces” was awarded 1st prize in the guitar composition competition Open Strings in 1999, announced throughout Germany by the specialized magazine AKUSTIKGitarre.

The guitarist has given concerts at various European and Asian festivals and has worked with Petri Hakala, Stoyan Yankoulov, Ateshan Husseinov, Uli Bartel, Mack Goldsbury, Ralf Siedhoff, Ferenc Snetberger and has given concerts with a solo program. Andreas Brunn took conga lessons with Topo Gioa and teaches percussion using the Ta-Ke-Ti-Na method.

In 2003 he was a scholarship holder of the Senate Department for Science, Research and Culture, Berlin in Bulgaria and in 2008 also a scholarship holder in Finland.

In the summer of 2004 and 2007 he was the artistic director of the EU-supported project “Young Music Caravan Europe”, which traveled 7,500 km with young musicians from Europe and made guest appearances at renowned festivals in a large number of countries.


Hartmann & Brunn CD review: “nineteen strings” 

“Finally you can also listen to them at home, the two soul mates Hans Hartmann and Andreas Brunn. The latter is known from“ For Free Hands ”, from the“ Young Music Caravan ”he helped initiate and his acoustic 7-string work in the half the world. :: ” Alexander Schmitz


“Everything flows – the guitarists Hans Hartmann and Andreas Brunn have developed their very own tonal language …” Jörg Konrad

Hartmann & Brunn live


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