Talking strings


Aziz Sehmaoui (Paris)

“Alaa Zouiten is a hard worker, a great musician. A connoisseur like we rarely meet. His love is to talk and scream with the oud. He plays with great passion. “

Jazzpodium trade magazine

“Andreas Brunn is a committed guitarist and composer, an active bridge builder … take“ East Side Gallery Story ”as the story of a musician who could easily find his way around the world, but instead takes on the burden of (time) historical processing and responsibility without complaint Makes music that has to be uncomfortable. ” – Alexander Schmitz

Anis Hajjam (Telquel - Casablanca)

“This lutenist Alaa Zouiten is one of the most talented of his generation. As a supporter of a reflected musical inclusion of many influences, he comes with a sincerity that one would like to see more often. “

Kiel news

“Andreas Brunn repeatedly brings back memories of John McLaughlin. His playing and compositional talent are profound and of intelligent wit; a jazz fugue like “Wizards’ Cube” doesn’t write itself after all ”.

Dietmar Ebert (Jena)

“I have seldom seen so many happy and happy stories as after the acclaimed performance of the Alaa Zouitens Ensemble.”


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