Masuda & Brunn

Oriental, Balkan & Jazz

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World Strings & Kaval

Shingo Masuda (JP) – Kanun (zither), Kaval (flute) | Andreas Brunn (D) – 7 string acoustic guitar, percussion.

We are pleased to present a new ensemble: Masuda & Brunn – Shingo Masuda, Kanun virtuoso and composer from Japan, meets Andreas Brunn, a versatile guitarist and composer of the Berlin jazz scene. The premiere concert on 23.03.2024, an energetic and intense jazz experience with oriental and Balkan impressions as part of the Berlin jazz series Jazzlights, was an extraordinary success. We were booked for another concert by an enthusiastic listener right off the stage!

Shingo Masuda is a kanun (oriental zither) virtuoso and composer from Japan. He began learning to play the kanun in Cairo, Egypt in 2009. He later deepened his kanun technique and knowledge of Arabic and Turkish music in Japan and also traveled to Tunisia, Turkey and Greece. Masuda also learned to play the kaval (a shepherd’s flute played in the Balkans and the Orient). He has lived in the musical melting pot of Berlin since 2017.

Andreas Brunn has been playing with a large number of international colleagues for years and leads the Ensemble For Free Hands. The ensemble’s new CD was “Jazz Album of the Week” on NDR-Kultur in October. He combines jazz styles with the odd meters of the Balkans as well as finger and plectrum techniques. He also taps the basses on his seven-string guitar in various arrangements and simultaneously drums on the body with his other hand.

LIVE RECORDING FROM OUR FIRST SHOW: "Chicken" Pee Wee Ellis (arr. A. Brunn)


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