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13 STRINGSplay independent compositions, which are used by many of theworld musicians and sound Jazzy & Funky. Andreas Brunn and Simon Rainer expand their instruments with rich ideas: basses are taped and there are percussion on the 7 string acoustic guitar body lets the temperament of Latin America experience.

Simon Rainer is from Meran, in Italy and studied with Wolfgang Muthspiel in Basel and Vienna. His playing is distinguished by spherical harmonies and excessive melody lines reminiscent of the solos of saxophonists. He uses various effects devices and changes the sounds very creatively.

Andreas Brunn studied at the renowned university of music “Franz Liszt” in Weimar. He combines stylistics from jazz with the odd-numbered meters of the Balkans, as well finger and plectrum style. On the seven-string guitar he uses the additional bass string in variable moods. Andreas Brunn won the first prize of the guitar composing competition “Open Strings” by the specialist magazine AKUSTIKGitarre.


SIMON RAINER was born on November 29th, 1982 in Meran – Italy and  grew up there. The love for music was evident from early childhood.

He started at the age of 8  Playing the violin and switching 2 years later  he to  Guitar. Since the age of 14 he has been playing in bands of various styles including heavy metal, rock, blues and reggae. At the age of 16 he was already giving concerts at international reggae festivals.

From 2001 to 2004 he attended a 3-year course for jazz and popular music at the Tyrolean State Conservatory in Innsbruck. In the same year he enrolled at the Vienna Conservatory Private University to complete his bachelor ‘s degree.

In 2007 he was in Orvieto for the Berklee Award Group Price in the
Electric guitar category on the occasion of the opening of Umbria Jazz
Winter festivals 2007/2008 nominated.

From 2008 to 2010 he completed his master’s degree at the
University of Music – Jazz Department of the Music Academy of the City of Basel with Wolfgang Muthspiel. In addition to his studies, he attended summer workshops by international jazz greats such as: Wolfgang Muthspiel, Peter Bernstein, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner, Bobby McFerrin, Karl Ratzer, Aron Goldberg, Esperanza Spalding, Adam Nussbaum, Andy Middleton, Dino Govoni, Jim Kelly and many more

ANDREAS BRUNN was born in 1964 in Weimar, has been playing the clarinet since he was six, began to learn the guitar at the age of fourteen and has been a musician in bands of various styles ever since. He studied guitar and music theory at the “Franz Liszt” University of Music in Weimar.

His composition “Two Faces” was awarded 1st prize in the guitar composition competition Open Strings in 1999, announced throughout Germany by the specialized magazine AKUSTIKGitarre.

The guitarist has given concerts at various European and Asian festivals and has worked with Petri Hakala, Stoyan Yankoulov, Ateshan Husseinov, Uli Bartel, Mack Goldsbury, Ralf Siedhoff, Ferenc Snetberger and has given concerts with a solo program. Andreas Brunn took conga lessons with Topo Gioa and teaches percussion using the Ta-Ke-Ti-Na method.

In 2003 he was a scholarship holder of the Senate Department for Science, Research and Culture, Berlin in Bulgaria and in 2008 also a scholarship holder in Finland.

In the summer of 2004 and 2007 he was the artistic director of the EU-supported project “Young Music Caravan Europe”, which traveled 7,500 km with young musicians from Europe and made guest appearances at renowned festivals in a large number of countries.


Jazzpodium trade magazine  (Alexander Schmitz)

“Andreas Brunn is a committed guitarist and composer, an active bridge builder. … “Perpetuum five” comes as an electrified postbop, more grippy, angular, angular, angry, angry, jazzy. Or take “East Side Gallery Story” as the story of a musician who could easily find his way around the world, but instead turns the burden of (time) historical processing and responsibility into music that must be uncomfortable. “

Kieler Nachrichten

“Andreas Brunn repeatedly brings back memories of John McLaughlin. His playing and compositional talent are profound and of intelligent wit; a jazz fugue like “Wizards’ Cube” doesn’t write itself after all “

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