Young Music Caravan

European folklore / popular music / jazz


Young musicians are touring Europe with a jointly designed programme that includes European folklore, popular music as well as jazz.
Whether a Danish folk song in jazz garb or a jazzy arrangement of a Balkan folk dance, the young musicians play with the musical roots of Europe in a sensual way. Differentiated worlds of sound overcome the arbitrariness of national boundaries with ease and pleasure.# EUROPE is growing together, the JUNGE MUSIK KARAWANE provides the soundtrack.

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The first “Young Music Caravan” took place in 2004 with great success and moved around the Baltic Sea. We were involved in 20 festivals. One of the basic ideas of the caravan is to incorporate the typical music of the participants’ home countries into the project. The young people bring their ideas, their traditional music and some of the same instruments with them. Through an open-ended concept that allows one to get involved in new things again and again during the process, a common, current and contemporary music is created that includes European folklore, popular music and jazz.
In the SIn summer 2007 we were in a second edition of the “Junge Musik-Karawane” for five weeks, 7,700 km on tour and during this time we played 25 concerts at a large number of top-class festivals. (Among other things, the Serbian national television broadcast our concert live from the Nisville Jazz Festival (Niš, Serbia) The tour went through Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. Other important festivals included the Summer Jazz Festival Krakow (Poland), Bratislava Summer Cultural Festival, Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgaria) and the Jazzfest Saalfelden (Austria). Current information can be found at:


Folklore notebook
“Let’s go Europe – The Young Music Caravan
Young musicians from different countries in the three-band concept ”

By Sabine Froese

“Born out of the enthusiasm for a final concert at a youth music workcamp in Berlin’s Pfefferberg, the young music caravan, consisting of three bands, toured Europe for the first time in 2004 and for the second time in 2007. The program is designed jointly by all participating musicians and mainly brings views of the musical traditions, partly also with the corresponding instruments from the musicians’ countries of origin – but jazz and pop are also in the luggage of the caravan. The main thing is to try out and show how a musical dialogue and exchange between different cultures, traditions and influences can work and new things can arise in the process … “

Young Music Caravan Live


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